The Eye Over the Vale

Session 4

pon return to the Nentir Inn, i was decided that, in the morning, they were to hunt Traevus down. But that night…

‘You lay in bed, on the threshold of dreams, and hear a voice in the distance. This voice, perhaps a dream, seems to be that of a little girl scolding something. You awaken thinking “why in the nine hells would I dream about that?” when you suddenly hear her again, louder, yelling “Bad Monkey! Give me back my D…olly!”’

When they ran out of the Inn to investigate, they saw the following scene unfold:

‘You see the monkey, who’s wearing a sailor suit, bring the Doll over to another little girl with long red hair and a long white dress, who grins at a distressed girl in her bedclothes evilly.’

They then witnessed the red-haired girl murder the other girl and stuff her into a magical bag. When they tried to intervene, two little girls shambled out of the darkness and interposed themselves between the Party and the Red-Haired Girl.

Are these girls alive or dead? Who or what is the Red-Haired Girl? Is she connected to the reason that the locals of Fallcrest keep their children locked up at night? Why do the omelets taste funny? Why did Kidd Devil care about the skull being destroyed? What IS the skull anyway? Is the Bear REALLY in charge?



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