The Eye Over the Vale

Session 3

After a second foray into the Goblin Caves, our heroes talked their way out of being Dragon food, played chess with a set of animate statues, and killed a few guards before retreating yet again (okay, only because it was getting late). Now we will go in and finish the job, finding the box and the man on horseback who stole it.

Session 2

With the Lair of the Goblins penetrated, and the horse of the myserious wizard set free, our heroes are taking a quick break, chowing down on hell-fried wolf, and prepared to go into the breach once more to find Traevus’ Box!

Session 1

In the town of Fallcrest, a mysterious rider in a red cloak has organized Goblins; they have since robbed the Merchant Traevus of a very important package. He has offered 30 gold to two heroes to get his package back, but they know they cannot do it alone. They are asking that anyone interested meet them at the Nentir Inn this Sunday at 5PM so they may go back to the lair of the beasts and retrieve that package, plus get a little revenge for the beatings they took trying to do it alone.


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